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ACA exempt Health Coverage for 40 - 70% less!

Member Health Sharing coverage programs are exploding in numbers across the country!

The last 2 years have seen huge rate increases for basic insurance and many healthy people are looking for alternatives. This is causing insurance programs to LOSE the healthy people and the only people joining are unhealthy. This will cause even more health insurance increases!

I have been in a Member Health Sharing program since 2002. I love it.

When the ACA "Obamacare" became law, there were 6 sharing programs that were specifically "exempted" from the penalty. At that time, my family saved around 25% of what was being offered by traditional health insurance companies. The last 2 years of rate increases by the insurance companies and the stable rates of health sharing programs have now seen savings increase to 70% for some people and usually at least 50%. A couple in their 60's would be paying around $1700 a month for basic insurance coverage... but can covered by a sharing program for $586 a month for better coverage! That is a savings of $13,000 a year! Every year.

So what's the catch?

The catch is a healthy lifestyle. Each of these six sharing programs have member guidelines that all the members agree when joining. This is not insurance and they CAN be exclusive. This is the key to the much lower costs for coverage.

The facts are that most of the high costs in medical care are due to lifestyle choices including illegal drugs, alcohol abuse, smoking and obesity. The other huge problem are those waiting until they have pre-existing conditions and then pay for insurance. These are one of the main issues causing healthcare insurance premiums to skyrocket.

All of the six sharing programs are faith based to some degree. The faith portion can be as simple as believing in God to very narrow and limited to those who are attending certain types of churches. Members agree to "share" medical expenses based on guidelines. Similar to how regular health insurance works, but without the guarantee of the State.

Do they pay for my healthcare expenses?

Absolutely. Just like insurance, as long as you meet the criteria of the agreement. A heart attack, a broken leg or other health issues that just happen would be covered. What is not covered will vary between the programs... but choices like drug overdose would not be covered. The sharing program I am in advertises that they have "shared" 1 Billion dollars in medical expenses.

Is this coverage for me?

If you have major pre existing conditions, do not want to live a healthy lifestyle or are able to receive a large subsidy from the government, I would advise this would not be for you.

If you are tired of paying the rising premiums, live a reasonably healthy lifestyle and just want coverage in case something major happens, I would HIGHLY recommend calling us at The Insurance Superstore and we can go over true affordable coverage options!

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