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ANNUITIES in Colorado Springs, CO; Castle Rock, CO; and Springfield, MO

The Insurance Superstore has agents to help you with annuities in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Castle Rock, Colorado, and Springfield, Missouri.

Fixed Annuities and Fixed Indexed Annuities

There are only 2 safe places for your money: Bank and an Insurance company

(Banks: CD’s, savings accounts and checking accounts)

100% Safe Annuities: Must be “Fixed”

May be immediate or deferred

(Variables are tools, but money can go up or down)

  • No one has ever lost money in a fixed annuity (assuming held to end of contract).

  • Even during the depression, no one lost money in any annuity.

*** I ONLY sell safe, fixed annuities. My license does not allow me to lose your money. ***

Benefits of a FIXED ANNUITY:

  1. 100% safe – you ALWAYS have more money at end of contract.

  2. Stated percentage rate for period of time. (usually much higher than bank offerings)

  3. Most contracts range from 5 – 10 years.

  4. Tax deferred.

  5. May move any tax deferred vehicle into a fixed annuity (401 K’s, IRA’s, etc…)

  6. Tax deferral means if CD has same rate – the APY for an annuity is higher

  7. Can LOWER your annual taxes

  8. Treated like life insurance

  9. Avoids probate as money is sent directly to beneficiaries

  10. Avoids estate taxes -

  11. Lifetime income that never goes down if wanted. (annuitization)

  12. 10% penalty free withdrawals anytime during year. (access to money if needed- most contracts)


  1. All the above applies because it is a Fixed Annuity.

  2. You take a lower GUARANTEED percentage rate for POTENTIAL of a much HIGHER rate.

  3. The interest is credited EACH year, and once it is credited – can’t lose it!!!

  4. Partial annuitization available

  5. This allows you to have a guaranteed income for life – BUT you still keep control of money.

Nuts and bolts of a FIXED INDEXED ANNUITY:

  1. Your money STAYS at the company – it is NOT in the markets or indexes.

  2. Each product will have multiple options (buckets or seats within the annuity).

  3. You choose each year (and can split %), and you can move each year.

  4. There is always a “fixed” rate

  5. Each company has different “strategies” and uses different indexes

  6. Your interest is CREDITED each year based on how your buckets (strategies) do.

  7. In general, if stocks do well – you do well. If stocks drop – you lose nothing! (but don’t gain either)

* It is important to tell me what you are looking for and I can shop the companies – no one product does it all!

i.e. – Highest potential / best minimums / best income payouts / simplest to understand

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